Olivia is caring, friendly, supportive, trustworthy, and always early or on time. Olivia has helped me find a support group to connect with other people who face similar obstacles that I do.


This group has been very therapeutic for me and has helped me a lot in my healing, and to break out of my shell. Overall she is fantastic to work with!


Believe and Achieve Customer



When we advertised for a support worker for, my developmentally disabled son, I never thought we would be so lucky to find Ismael Ross. Immediately, he connected with my son and I could tell my son felt comfortable. Ismael had a many faceted role – we wanted him to help with working out, community outings, independent living skills and more. As time went by, Ismael often offered to help my son pursue his interests, organize his college homework and look for clubs on campus. Ismael was always available for our family to help my son out as needed and provided companionship when we were away.


Ismael introduced my son to a group of other developmentally disabled adults and organized group outings and overnight trips to the coast. My son really enjoyed these trips. Ismael has done an excellent job in his work. Above everything, he really cares for my son and my son for him. That makes all the difference.




Ismael is an intelligent, motivated, reliable, and a kind individual. As a Skills Trainer, Ismael continually inspires and encourages his clients to become more independent at home and feel included in the community. He is a self-starter and brings a genuine enthusiasm to his work. His ability to connect with individuals with developmental disabilities is unparalleled.   


Most recently, Ismael and one of his clients received recognition for their work together. Often, other agencies have contacted me to request Ismael to assist their clients as he is known to provide excellent customer service.